Jalon Valley

Jalón and its valley
Jalón’s valley, known locally as the Vall del Pop, is one of the most attractive areas in the province of Alicante.
It is a landscape of ancient olive, almond and orange groves mixed with vineyards and handcrafted terraces, which boasts simply breath-taking panoramic views over the deep pink almond blossom to the Mediterranean.
The Jalón valley lies in the north-east of the Costa Blanca, between Calpe and Dénia, on the Mediterranean (East) coast of Spain.
The towns that go to make up the Jalón valley include Murla, Benichembla, Tormos, Orba, Parcent, Alcalalí, Castells, Pego, Jalón itself and Lliber.
They are united by gastronomy, local fiestas, and the Jalón River, which runs through many of them.
The area
There is a wide range of activities in this area (walking, cycling, bird watching, tourist routes, etc.) that combine adventure, history and the enjoyment of nature. There are flat areas of vines and almonds, which contrast with the grandeur of the mountains surrounding them. With its excellent weather and local amenities, it is an ideal place to spend your leisure time.
If you are looking for a taste of the traditional Spanish lifestyle, away from high-rise buildings and mass tourism… look no further!
The Costa Blanca
The peace of the mountains is regal, but not far away are the beaches of the Costa Blanca. So bear in mind you are only 20 minutes away from Dénia or Moraira—and you could be on the beach at Calpe in less than 15 minutes.
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